Spring’s a Comin’

Posted by MTO On February 7, 2012 ADD COMMENTS
   Ola.  Michael T. Here again.  The Christmas parties are over  ( great fun )   the 7th Lulus New Years Eve Reunion (  at Bingeman’s again and the best ever )   We want to thank all the revelers for coming out for our 7th party and making it so special.  We’re going to be posting a lot of pics and video from that special night. If next year is even half as much fun it will be a big success.  Thank you all again.
               o, now that I’m back fro my winter layover in Mexico, it’s time to address the up-coming year.  I can’t believe all the bookings that are coming in.  This may prove to be the best spring and summer in years.  We hope to see a lot of old friends and of course meet some new ones.  Please feel free to drop us a line at G-Mail or The lulu’s Band on Facebook.  We’d love to hear from you.  perhaps we’ll meet at the beach this summer.  Take care and Adios Amigos

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