Hi again. Sorry, it’s been awhile since I have addressed the pages of our web.  The Band has gone through some changes in that time.

We miss John Tonin very much as he pursues other interests. He is living with his family in Guelph and still loving life as he always has. Keep it going John.

The band kept playing during the transition time as a Trio with the remaining 3 members being joined by guest appearances by friends such as Fred Hale, Dave Roddenburg, Ken Munshaw and others.

In April of 2014 we welcomed a Kick Ass guitarist and powerful singer by the name of Johnathan Knight, a local blues and rock musician. The band is re-energized by this amazing new talent who has brought an amazing new outlook to The Lulus Band and a new fun attitude. Awesome. We have been playing non-stop since then and we are Showing the new guy our friends and what a great time we have during the holiday season, which leads us into the New Year.

We are having our 9th annual Lulus New Years Eve Reunion at The Ball Room of Bingemans . The Past years we have invited some of our Alumni and a Guest appearance of Fred and Janet Hale of Blackwater Draw. Same this year. Why mess up a good thing.

We will be selling Tickets through www.bingemans.com as well as at the front desk of Bingeman’s. There will be limited tickets available at the door on New Years as well. The same price as other years of $30 a seat. . We will reserve a table for you with the purchase of 8 tickets or more , otherwise it’s 1st come etc. . The doors open at 8PM and the party ends at 1AM. We do so look forward to seeing our friends again.

Love ya all Michael T.

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